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Surveyors Council Of Nigeria(SURCON) hereby advise that surveyors should go through the list of Eligibilty to ascertain omittance of names if payment has already been made and forward a prove of same to if name is omitted.

For Principal Surveyors:

For Non Principal Surveyors:

For Companies:!/topic.php?uid=117890411612277&topic=78

Please Spread the word, Publication date is 2nd May, 2011

Sunday, March 22, 2009


The Surveyors Council Of Nigeria(SURCON) appoints a new Registrar who on the 1st of february took over from the immediate past registrar, Surv.(Prince) Afolabi O. Solesi,fnis. The new Registrar, a former lecturer at the Kaduna Polytechnic is Surv. Winston A. Ayeni.

The former who has returned to his private practice at Alofsol Surveys Services still remains a consultant to the new Registrar and the council for a period of three(3) months to ensure a smooth transitional update of outstanding issues.The Council also moved its headquarters from Lagos to Abuja, leaving Lagos as a zonal office while the other Zonal Offices will Soon take off.

The new office is 10, Yawuri Str, Off Jere Street, Garki II, Abuja, it is just beside the Office of the Surveyor General Of the Federation(OSGoF).Moving in the same direction to the seat of power soon will be the Nigerian Institution Of Surveyors(NIS).

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Monday 12th Jan. 2009

Registration 10.00am
Examination 10.00am
Education 10.00am

Tuesday 13th Jan. 2009

Survey Laws & Regulations 10.00am
Finance & General Purposes 4.00pm

Wednesday 14th Jan. 2009

Council Meeting 10.00am

Thursday 15th Jan. 2009

Pre-Induction Activities 9.00am
Press Conferencence 11.00am

Venue: Ostra hall
Beside NNPC gas pipeline
Alausa, Ikeja - Lagos

Friday 16th Jan. 2009

Induction ceremony for newly qualified surveyors

Venue: Regency Hall
Opposite Ostra Hall
Alausa, Ikeja - Lagos




The Council at its 46th meeting held on Thursday, 13th November 2008 approved the results of the 2008 Professional Examinations. The results are as follows:


Council approved that the underlisted candidates, having satisfied SURCON requirements in the 2008 Professional Examinations, are qualified to be registered as Surveyors in accordance with Section 9(3) of the Enabling Act. They are however expected to meet the financial conditions stipulated in the letters sent to them, conveying the Council’s approval.

1. ADEDOTUN, S. O. S2008/016
2. ADEJUMOBI, A. R. S2008/053
3. ADEKANMBI, M. A. S2008/241
4. ADEKOLA, R. (MISS) S2008/136
5. ADEOYE, G. J. S2008/095
6. ADEPOJU, O. I. S2008/080
7. AINA, V. O. K. S2008/110
8. AIYEGBENI, M. S. S2008/054
9. AJAKAIYE, T. O. (MRS.) S2008/060
10. AJEIGBE, M. A. S2008/051
11. AJIKE, U. K. S2008/010
12. AKINHANMI, A. A. S2008/058
13. AKINOYE, S. S. S2008/014
14. AKINSOLA, K. A. S2008/167
15. AKPOROKAH, O. C. S2008/056
16. AKUWUDIKE, G. O. S2008/029
17. ALABI, J. A. S2008/170
18. ALAWODE, A. L. S2008/072
19. ALONGE, M. A. S2008/120
20. ANGYU, O. L. (MRS.) S2008/042
21. ANIKE, C. E. S2008/004
22. ANIMAM, E. E. S. S2008/092
23. AREH, A. A. S2008/017
24. ARIGBEDE, I. I. S2008/065
25. ASIBELUO, H. U. (MISS) S2008/005
26. ASIRU, W. S2008/019
27. AYINDE, S. A. S2008/022
28. AZEEZ, A. F. S2008/013
29. BONAT, A. M. S2008/024
30. DANBABA, A. G. S2008/182
31. EKHATOR, A. O. S2008/098
32. ELEGBEKU, A. D. S. S2008/040
33. FALETO, J. A. S2008/101
34. ILORI, A. S. S2008/018
35. IYAWE, C. U. S2008/202
36. JIMOH, S. B. S2008/135
37. JOSHUA, O. O. (MRS.) S2008/059
38. KABIR, M. S2008/144
39. KADIRI, S. S2008/037
40. KAURA, A. T. S2008/073
41. KAYODE, H. O. S2008/100
42. LAWAN, B. B. S2008/145
43. MADU, C. N. S2008/087
44. MADU, C. U. S2008/097
45. MOHAMMED, A. D. S2008/047
46. NWOGU, O. C. S2008/084
47. OJIGI, M. L. S2008/128
48. OKORO, A. I. S2008/050
49. OLADEINDE, A. A. S2008/126
50. OLAGUNDOYE, O. M. S2008/068
51. OLALEYE, O. S2008/027
52. OLATUNJI, B. T. S2008/031
53. OLEKANMA, M. A. (MRS) S2008/132
54. OLORUNSANMI, S. A. O. S2008/104
55. OLUSINA, J. O. S2008/139
56. ONI, A. A. S2008/003
57. ONI, J. A. S2008/105
58. ONOHWOREMU, C. E. S2008/048
59. ONUNKWO, G. U. S2008/043
60. OROLADE, S. A. S2008/140
61. OZIOKO, C. S. S2008/122
62. SAIDU, U. T. S2008/142
63. SHEHU, A. B. S2008/088
64. SHINKAFI, A. I. S2008/112
65. TAIWO, J. A. S2008/028
66. TEJUOSHO, A. A. (MRS) S2008/118
67. UBARU, A. C. S2008/141
68. UKAOBI, C. C. S2008/009
69. ZUDONU, O S2008/079


The following candidates passed the Direct Examination into the Pupil Surveyor’s cadre.

1. ATANDA, A. O. (MRS) P2008/007
2. NMEMA, I. E. P2008/015
3. TIJANI, J. O. P2008/009


2008 review

17th November 2008

Tragic Beginning

Let me commence this letter by thanking all members of the surveying community in Nigeria for standing by the Council in its darkest hour following the death while on official trip to Abuja, of the Council President, Surv. Prof. Romanus Nnubia Asoegwu, fnis. Coming barely four months into his second term as Council President, his death was tragic, destabilizing and most unfortunate. What a great loss to a cool-headed, humble, compassionate and quiet motivator who was a stabilizing force in the profession! May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace (amen). As for those who tried to profit from his death, the advice I have for them is in the following quotation of an un-named emperor “Be careful what you plant now. It will determine what you will reap tomorrow. The seeds you now scatter will make life worse or better your life or the ones who will come after. Yes, someday you will enjoy the fruits or you will pay for the choices you plant today” end of quote.

Un-clear SURCON Seals

Many reports have been lodged with SURCON albeit informally, that some surveyors’ seals affixed on plans and other documents are very faint and un-clear. Some documents sent to the Secretariat also confirm the poor state of some seals. Those concerned are advised to contact the secretariat for assistance and if necessary, replacement. Surveyors are reminded that it is an offence to reproduce the Council’s seal illegally (please see section 12 of the Rules and Regulations for the Control of Survey Practice and Disciplinary Procedures). It is our collective responsibility to uphold the integrity of the profession by sticking to its ethics.

Refusal to Read Letters

It has been established that members of the surveying community in Nigeria hardly read documents sent to them. This probably explains why some private practitioners claim ignorance of the Enlistment of Survey Companies with SURCON. There is no doubt that some of us may not be in support of the Council on this matter but that is not to say the regulation is non-existent. A bad law or regulation remains the law or regulation for as long as it subsists and should be obeyed. In any case, the ultimate aim of the regulation is to ensure that all survey works in Nigeria are carried out by companies that have Nigerian surveyors on board in one capacity or the other. The complaint by some surveyors that the renewal fee is too high has received the attention of Council. The newly approved renewal fee is ₦2,000 and the new dispensation becomes operative in the new year. Timely renewal for the purpose of meeting the Council’s publication ends on 31st March each year.

Logbook For Pupil Surveyors

Refusal to read letters also explains why some Pupil Surveyors, Supervisors and even SURCON State Committees on Ethics (SSCEs) claim ignorance of the existence of Logbooks for monitoring Pupil Surveyors’ activities during pupilage. The introduction of the Logbook is to ensure that projects submitted during professional examinations are not recycled projects but those actually executed by the Pupil Surveyors. All those concerned – SSCEs, Pupil Surveyors and their Supervisors are PLEASE enjoined to cooperate for the sake of the profession.

For the purpose of emphasis, all concerned are please enjoined to read the duties spelt out in the logbook, for candidates, their supervisors and even the SSCEs. It is in the interest of the profession and its practitioners for all of us to comply with the provisions of the logbook.

Pupil Surveyors who do not submit their logbooks for the current year by Friday 16th January 2009 stand the risk of being barred from taking the professional examinations. Please, do not say you are un-informed because you have been forewarned.

Completion Of Relevant Sections Of Forms Filled/Signed

Some of us have been very carefree and perfunctory in the way we fill forms that are sent to the Secretariat. In the process, we supply conflicting information which can be used against us. In other instances, we delay the processing of the documents which are sent to the secretariat thus leaving our wards with the short end of the stick. As exact professionals, we must go the extra mile by reading over all documents that we append our signatures to so that at any point in time, we stand no risk of avoidable embarrassment.


As human beings, we at the secretariat are imperfect and must have made some mistakes while discharging our duties to members of the Surveying community in Nigeria. We humbly submit that these are genuine mistakes and not any deliberate attempt to embarrass anyone. I therefore apologise on behalf of all of us in the secretariat, for whatever lapses may have been observed. We lay no claims to perfection or infallibility. Suggestions are however welcome on ways to improve on what we have in place while we continue to strive for improvement in the services we render to the profession and its practitioners.

Movement to the FCT, Abuja.

The movement to the Federal Capital has become real, thanks to the understanding of the late President and most members of Council. The Council had lost a lot of opportunities by staying away from the seat of power. It is hoped that the Council, the profession and its practitioners will be better off for this movement to Abuja. The operations of the secretariat should commence from Abuja on a skeletal note very soon. While Abuja gradually assumes centre stage in the Council’s operations, the Lagos office will continue to function effectively as before though as a zonal office. The Abuja address as seen above, is:

P. M. B. 426, GARKI. ABUJA.

Payment of Practice Fees

Some Surveyors had experienced avoidable embarrassments in the past because even when they pay early, their names are left out of the list of Surveyors published as being entitled to practise! This is not the time to trade blames but to appeal for understanding by all while all concerned should play their parts well. Chairmen of SSCEs are please urged to endeavour to send the names of surveyors who pay through them to the secretariat once payments are made. The monetary aspect could be sorted out later.

Cooperation and Progress

There cannot be any progress without cooperation from all. Let me thus seize this opportunity to thank all members of the surveying community in Nigeria for their individual and collective cooperation while I headed the secretariat of the Council as Registrar. As I bow out of office after the induction of new surveyors in January 2009, I appeal that you not only continue the level of cooperation but to improve on it with the new leadership of the Council’s secretariat. It is in doing this that we can collectively move our profession and the fortunes of all of us (the practitioners) forward.

Thank you, God bless you and members of your family real good.

Have a wonderful and divinely blessed 2009.

Yours faithfully



The need to bring surveyors under one umbrella, to share their views about what is amidst in the country as it concerns land and its regulation. Surveying is the bedrock of meaningful development they say but are we there yet? If we are not what is wrong, why are we where we are?

Its time to talk and get responses, If you feel the same way, just 'shoot' No hold barred